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Sometimes, all you need is a little tweak here and there to create a totally different feel. When Trusted IT contacted us to talk about a new website, we could tell from the word go that they were happy with their existing identity and not looking for a total rebrand. We always put our customers’ needs and wishes first, so if it’s clear they’re wedded to the logos and branding they’ve grown to know and love over the years, we’ll respect that. But what we can do is give things a little tickle here and there to bring them back to life and ensure they still meet the needs of today’s customer. So that’s what we did here.

Trusted IT has been providing comprehensive IT support for clients in and around Derbyshire since 2003.  As the name suggests, building trust is at the heart of all their work with local businesses, which include everyone from small start-ups to large, well established enterprises.

The company has been approved by some of the biggest names in the industry, including MIcrosoft, Dell, ESET, Draytek and Cisco, and it’s built a solid reputation for honest, expert IT support and advice over the years. Things haven’t always been plain sailing – the company’s base in Whaley Bridge was famously the site of a burst dam in 2019 which has caused chaos in the local area. But even with this major disruption to daily working life, Trusted IT has stayed true to its name and continued to provide an exceptional service to its customers.

It was clear from the beginning that some elements of the existing website had become outdated and would be unappealing to new visitors. The site looked busy and overloaded, with imagery that didn’t reflect the company’s reputation and high standards. We understood how important the logo and current branding was to the client but explained ways we could improve on it without completely changing their identity. This involved picking out some of the elements that were working, and building on them to create a more uniform look and feel.

We created a WordPress site, which is far more scalable and user friendly than the old version, and by front-loading the site we were able to make most of the changes early on, which meant any other tweaks could be easily added later.  New options were added to the sitemap for a greater customer experience and clearer navigation, and the overall look is one of quality and uniformity. The result – a brand new website that looks professional and reflects the company’s position as trusted IT experts, whilst staying true to the branding the client loves.

See the new, improved Trusted IT website here.




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