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We are delighted with the design of our new website, which looks modern, friendly and approachable, just as we wanted. The design is so strong that it’s gone on to influence our printed materials too. Thanks! Rachel Allcock - East Cheshire Hospice


A modern, multi-functional site that is easy for visitors to use, automates processes, and includes simple back-office site administration tools for event booking, ecommerce and more.

We’ve worked with the much-loved East Cheshire Hospice for a number of years, designing branding and print material and supporting them with website needs. For some time, the busy hospice team had been struggling with an old website that was inflexible and hard to update. Recognising that a WordPress site would transform the way they worked – and aware of our WordPress expertise – they asked us to take on the task of building a new site.

In developing the new website, we needed to build in a wide variety of different functions and target different audience groups. At the heart of the new site is essential information for patients, families and professionals. With the hospice needing to raise £7,500 every day, the site also plays a vital role in supporting fund-raising efforts. And on top of this, the site provides a channel for both paid staff and volunteer recruitment.

To cater for these multiple functions, we incorporated a wide range of easy-to-use behind-the-scenes tools. These include:

Each of these tools integrates seamlessly with the core website, making updates and administration quick and simple.

For the front end of the website, we created a design and structure that addresses the need to balance the very different functions appropriately. Campaign and event promotions, for example are prominent, but don’t get in the way of patients and families coming to the site for information.

With a well-built WordPress platform now in place, the hospice now have solid foundations for both current and future online activities and the flexibility to adapt the site as time goes on. Whatever new idea they may have for the website, there’s a good chance WordPress can handle it!




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