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A total rebrand that positions the client as an expert in her field, along with an easy to update website that links to social media and YouTube.

The client is a passionate Pilates instructor who is dedicated to teaching the discipline in its purest form. Over the years the teaching of Pilates has changed, with many instructors deviating from the original teachings of Joseph Pilates to keep up with different exercise trends. Athletic Pilates UK’s unique selling point is that founder Susie has stayed true to the enduring principles of this highly effective form of exercise, and she wanted a website that reflected her level of knowledge and expertise. Susie has built up quite a reputation in and around Macclesfield for her intensive, motivational training and fantastic results. She trained with Studio Pilates International on Australia’s Gold Coast, and today has an ever growing family of Pilates students who have discovered the powerful properties that come with a strong core and great posture.

From the outset, we could see how passionate and knowledgeable Susie is about Joseph Pilate’s teachings and how they benefit mind, body and spirit, but none of this passion came through in her marketing materials. As part of our comprehensive branding process we sat down with Susie to understand more about how she operates and the image she wants to portray to the rest of the world. What quickly became clear was that Susie needed a website that was as fresh, professional and enthusiastic as she is and positioned her as a real expert in the world of sports and fitness. And as the majority of Susie’s clients are female, we wanted to create a website that would appeal to women. The result is a total rebrand with a fresh, simple WordPress website that showcases Susie’s classes. We went with a crisp new logo with a sports label feel, and added feminine fonts and colour schemes throughout the website.

There are pictures of pilates on the beach, sunsets and healthy meals, all in keeping with Susie’s identity as a fitness expert who helps students make positive choices and live their best lives. Susie is now able to update all the content herself and benefit from the high search engine rankings that come with WordPress sites. It also links seamlessly with her social media accounts so she can manage everything easily and keep on top of her online communication. There’s also a link to Susie’s YouTube channel so visitors to the website can see her teachings in action. 




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