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The importance of project documentation in the smooth delivery of web projects

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Assembling documentation on specifications and objectives for website design is a critical factor in ensuring an efficient design process, an effective website, and a satisfied customer. The spec documents serve as the client’s literal direction for the design of the site in terms of purpose, content, and creative direction. They also creates a dialog between the design firm and the client where feedback and ideas can be shared and agreed upon before any work goes into the actual design process.

Specification documents are created at the beginning of the relationship with the client. Roles and responsibilities are defined so that everyone knows who the key people are for the project. Requirements and tasks are created during this time and the beginning of the project management process starts to take shape. As the project unfolds, regular checks against the spec documents are held, and any clarifications are dealt with between the project team and the client.

These documents help ensure successful project management, communication within the team and with the client, and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Communication is critical on any team. A number of people will be involved in large web projects, from designers and coders to copywriters. There are several workflows that need to happen, many times in symphony, in order to stay on schedule and deliver the project on time.

Word of mouth and reviews from customers are often one of the most powerful marketing tools in our industry. In this age of instant feedback via social media, a firm can quickly make a name for itself by delivering exactly what the client is looking for. Crafting a solid plan at the beginning is a key factor in delivering a great web projects.

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