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Happy Birthday to us!

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Back in November, Shoga celebrated its first Birthday. What a year it’s been!

Setting up Shoga was the next logical step in my career. Having held senior positions at a number of agencies for quite a while, I was keen to create something I could call my own and put into practice the years of experience I had accrued running agencies. Even so, when the opportunity arose, it was still with some trepidation that I took the leap and set up Shoga. Looking back now though, it was the best decision I could have made and we haven’t looked back!

Many clients ask us about our unusual name and I wish that I can claim it was my idea. Jennifer and I spent many late nights trying to come up with a company name that also had a good domain name available. In the end, it was Jennifer that came up with the name Shoga. Since we’re both ginger, and have two ginger children, it seemed perfect!

One year later, we’ve moved into our own office, Jennifer has joined the business full time and we’ve gone from strength to strength. It’s been a steep learning curve but also a challenge that I have relished. Now we’re embarking on our second year, I’m sure we’ll face a new set of challenges as we look to grow the business. I’m confident that we can do this though and would like to thank all of our clients who trusted us from the outset and have joined us since.

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