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Building on personal branding to turn enquirers into customers for Wendy Dignan

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When you’re a one-person business, it can be tempting to think you still need to present a corporate face to the outside world. But could you develop a closer connection to your target audience through strong personal branding instead?

When psychotherapist Wendy Dignan approached us for a new website and branding, she had one overriding goal: the new site had to convert enquirers into customers. And she recognised that strong personal branding on the site would be the best way to achieve this.

With a range of celebrity clients plus media credits covering everything from the Daily Telegraph to Cheshire Housewives, Wendy had very clear ideas about what she wanted and gave us plenty of inspiration. Where Wendy’s old site had been traditional and corporate in style, the site we designed and built for her is bold, high-impact, and sales-focused.

Wendy’s new site works for two reasons. First, because we designed all elements of the site to work towards the goal of persuading visitors to book a consultation. Secondly – and crucially – because we built the design around delivering a personal message from Wendy and showing her as a human being that people will relate to.

The success of the site is a great reminder that if your business is all about you, then there’s a good chance that your website should reflect your personal brand rather than a corporate one.

Check our the new site here.

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