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New eye-catching responsive ecommerce website to showcase and sell Beartown Brewery beers

Our new responsive WordPress website for Beartown beers is giving this award-winning brewery a strong online presence from which to promote their brand.

The Beartown Brewery team came to us following a recommendation from an existing customer. They were looking for a high impact website that would deliver a memorable online experience based around their existing branding – so that’s exactly what we gave them. The eye-catching site includes a variety of striking visual elements, in particular a scrolling (parallax) effect that engages site visitors and encourages them to click and explore.

We’ve just launched the latest addition to the Beartown Brewery website – an ecommerce store allowing them to sell beers online

See the Beartown Brewery website here.

Targeting a niche market with an SEO-friendly website for technology firm Anari

If you provide a product or service with low search volume but high value sales, it’s vital that your website targets the right people. Our site for aviation technology firm Anari is now hard at work doing just that.

The firm had made the decision to consolidate their service around a single area (yield maximisation). This meant they needed a new website that would focus on bringing in accurately targeted enquiries.

So before developing the site, we spent time researching SEO requirements, finding out what potential customers might search for, and what information they needed. We then optimised every element of the site for SEO (even the diagrams are search engine friendly!). And our careful planning made sure there was no drop in search engine rankings as Anari transitioned from the old site to the new.

The project shows how powerful a truly targeted approach can be – people searching for what Anari offer find the site easily, and Anari are confident each enquiry from the site is likely to be a genuine lead.

Take a look at the Anari website here.